Program / Project Management

project managementFederal Acquisition Strategies helps federal clients navigate the complex and high risk areas of information technology projects and programs.  Our team of experts are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as Project Management Professionals (PMP), by DOD to meet the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Program Management levels I to III, and as Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) Federal Acquisition Certification for Program/Project Managers (FAC P/PM), and most have held career-level positions in DOD and civilian agencies as senior leaders.

We are able to leverage both experience and training/certifications to uniquely help the federal government apply government policies, manage agency initiatives, address vital performance issues to achieve mission goals and objectives. Our experienced project/program managers support all aspects of project delivery including leading and directing cross-functional teams. We assist our clients at every step of the process, throughout a program/project’s life-cycle to solve the most challenging management and technical issues.

Knowledge Areas

  • Requirements Analysis and Definition
    • Our requirements analysis, definition, and management processes reduce project risk and ensures greater probability of project success.
  • Acquisition & Strategic Planning
    • Our mission is to ensure strategies make good business sense, effectively implement laws and policies, and reflect the client’s management priorities.
    • Our approach is to focus on four key areas: resource requirements, throughput metrics, output metrics, and outcome metrics.
  • Project Management Support
    • Our Project Management process follows industry best practices to effectively manage risk and deliver high quality results and best value services both on time and within budget.
  • Business and Analytical Support
    • Our budget experts and subject matter experts provide your program the financial guidance it needs to succeed from implementation to conclusion.
  • Risk Management
    • Our risk management process includes the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks. Once identified, resources are coordinated to minimize, monitor, and control the probability of negative events or to maximize the opportunities of positive events.

The FAS Value

At the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), FAS created FCC’s Housing Initiative Management Plan (HIMP) as a roadmap to help consolidate current operations locally and nationally. FAS supported the Relocation Project Manager and all associated Program/Project activities. Our team prepared and maintained a wide variety of project management deliverables, briefings, and reports as well as providing communication and coordination between the Relocation Project Manager, key stakeholders, and the GSA managers/representatives. During the course of this contract, FAS coordinated the cleaning and return of the facility back to GSA, which will save the FCC over $7 million dollars in the next two years.

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