Business Relocation Management

Federal Acquisition Strategies has the experience to successfully manage your office relocation and space planning projects.

We understand the elements that make up a successful relocation project to include careful planning, coordination, communication, budget, and change management activities. Our team’s experience will ensure a smooth transition for your organization’s people, assets, and facilities as well as the information technology architecture. FAS’s diverse teams of project managers, acquisition experts, and technical subject matter experts have the proven experience to support you relocation efforts and ensure project success.

FAS Value

At the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), our team successfully supported the planning and execution of their Relocation Project that consisted of over 700 personnel, 7000 crates, boxes, and IT equipment including an ancillary data center. Our team enabled FTC to decommission satellite buildings and turn them over to GSA 45 days earlier than the original project schedule. As a result, the FTC realized $10M in cost avoidance through rent not paid for vacated buildings waiting decommissioning. FAS program/project managers outlined over 120 procurements that needed to be executed for the Relocation Project. Working closely with FTC requiring activities and the contracting officers we conducted and awarded over 120 procurements within a twelve-month period. Our applied knowledge and expertise had significant positive outcomes including the government project lead to receive the FTC Commissioner’s Award for the team’s effort on the project.