Information Technology Management

Federal Acquisition Strategies supports agency management of its information technology resources.

We identify and recommend alternatives to current technology environments and systems to match federal Information Resource Management (IRM) strategic goals and policies. We have helped clients plan and move to cloud-based solutions for agency infrastructure from server-based farms. We have helped successfully implement new financial/e-commerce solutions and meet IT forensic analysis needs.

FAS Value

The value of our experienced IT Management skills has enabled our clients to be successful by bringing industry leading best practices to dynamic, mission critical systems development programs. As an expert in applying sound project management practices to crisis driven IT programs, we have helped our clients ensure that financial/e-commerce solutions are delivered on time. We have saved our clients literally millions of dollars of scarce funding by developing and implementing new cloud-based solutions for office automation and agency infrastructure needs. We have leveraged new technologies to help our clients manage multi-terra byte data sets without the costly purchase, installation, configuration and management of agency-hosted data centers or systems.