Budget & Financial Management

Budget & Financial ManagementFederal Acquisition Strategies provides day-to-day program planning, accounting and financial analysis support. Our experts develop, revise and adapt accounting systems and processes to capture financial data, analyze organizational financial resources and provide critical advice to support our clients fund/spend operational problems.

Knowledge Areas


Our financial experts develop organizational budget processes. We develop prepare financial estimates, review and consolidate budget estimates, and help the government execute funds control, program adjustments. Our personnel develop critical financial reports used by federal managers to plan and execute timely budget controls and spend.

Management analysis

We provide advanced financial expertise to government senior managers to develop budgets, programs and special reports. We conduct studies, analysis, evaluations of program and organizational performance. Our consultants develop or improve agency policies, practices, methods and operational procedures.


We research and develop improved audit policies, programs, methods, and procedures to conduct internal program audits, the proper timing and coverage of audits; the disposition of technical accounting questions developed in audits, including disposition through negotiations and conferences with affected business establishments or other interested organizations; responsibility for all auditing and related activities in connection with payments and cost analyses; and shaping, directing, and administering the audit activities.

The FAS Value

Regardless of which agency we support, our consultants developed a proven past performance and reputation for saving the government money. We save our clients more money than it costs them to hire us. Our experts have reduced operating costs, improved financial tracking, captured and reused “spent” costs already allocated by federal managers. We have a documented ability to save our clients critical current appropriated funds, not just money in future years.