Integrated Project Team Support

Information Technology ManagementOur skilled facilitators, note-takers and support personnel bring commercial industry approaches to team building and project management. We leverage a wide variety of tools, techniques and best practices to establish communication, capture decision-making and track progress. We use performance measurement and management systems to gain insight into, and make judgments about, the effectiveness and efficiency of programs, processes and people. We help to plan, implement and use performance indicators to measure progress toward meeting strategic goals and objectives. We gather and analyze performance data, then use the results to both drive improvements and successfully translate strategy into action.

Knowledge Areas

IPT Facilitation

We focus on developing leadership skills across the IPT for all levels of employees or team members. Because almost any level of employee in an organization can become a team leader for a project, task, meeting or to create a deliverable, it is critical to an organizations success that team leadership skills be taught to everyone. Our experts leverage performance criteria derived from the Malcolm Baldrige National Performance Excellence Criteria. We assess and encourage the use of these criteria to foster a systems-thinking approach to missions, customers, innovation, people, measurement, leadership, processes, readiness and stewardship.

IPT Team Building

Our experts help teams achieve their goals using team tools, disciplined problem-solving techniques, and continuous improvement methods. IPT Team Building includes helping leaders and managers manage group or team development. All groups follow predictable stages of group development on their journey toward becoming self-sufficient, high-performing teams. These stages are known as form, storm, norm, and perform. Different factors such as group maturity, personnel changes, and alteration of group goals or work conditions can impact whether a team progresses or regresses.

IPT Functional Support

From our skilled facilitators, to our highly-qualified note-takers, we support our client’s IPT by preparing and providing the following deliverables:

  • Project Management Plan (PMP), Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Communications Plan, Change Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, Scope Management Plan, Resource Management Plan and Project Budget execution
  • Weekly Project status reporting (task initiation, task execution, task completion, risk monitoring), Project Status Meetings, Meeting Agendas and Summaries and IPT meeting planning and execution
  • Briefings, reports, presentations and other forms of stakeholder communication, Requirements development, and documentation

The FAS Value

Whether the IPT is for a multi-billion-dollar acquisition, or a multi-agency IPT to plan and execute an agency relocation, our support has been critical to helping our clients stay on schedule, and achieve dramatic cost savings. When our government client’s IPT leadership, or even the entire team membership, has changed repeatedly throughout the course of a major project, our IPT support has enabled the team to stay focused, achieve its strategic and tactical goals, while ensuring there is broad consensus during team turnover. Our effective communication and team building strategies have helped the government be successful as change is implemented over long periods of time.