Integrated Project Team Support

Our skilled facilitators, note-takers and support personnel bring commercial industry approaches to team building and project management.

We leverage a wide variety of tools, techniques and best practices to establish communication, capture decision-making and track progress. We use performance measurement and management systems to gain insight into, and make judgments about, the effectiveness and efficiency of programs, processes and people. We help to plan, implement and use performance indicators to measure progress toward meeting strategic goals and objectives. We gather and analyze performance data, then use the results to both drive improvements and successfully translate strategy into action.

FAS Value

Whether the IPT is for a multi-billion-dollar acquisition, or a multi-agency IPT to plan and execute an agency relocation, our support has been critical to helping our clients stay on schedule, and achieve dramatic cost savings. When our government client’s IPT leadership, or even the entire team membership, has changed repeatedly throughout the course of a major project, our IPT support has enabled the team to stay focused, achieve its strategic and tactical goals, while ensuring there is broad consensus during team turnover. Our effective communication and team building strategies have helped the government be successful as change is implemented over long periods of time.