Manpower Studies

Federal Acquisition Strategies manpower studies experts analyze the workload and process drivers of agency acquisition and program management offices.

We develop a Functional Summary by Work Center to demonstrate logical links to business processes, procedures, and workflows derived from authoritative data sources and personnel interviews.

FAS Value

Products: FAS links work functional areas to agency mission, objectives, strategic and operational goals. FAS links individual work to supporting agency mission, objectives, strategic and operational goals for Agency Supervisors use in developing personnel rating and evaluation data. FAS develops a comprehensive list of Functional Study Acronyms, Systems and Databases used by agency personnel in the study; FAS produces supporting documents for agency use including: Functional Summary by Work Centers; Input/Process/Output (IPO) Analysis Sheet; Manpower and Organizational Summary; Proposed Organizational Structure; The completed Manpower Study provides the agency a current snapshot of functional workload in manhours. The snapshot can be utilized to support justification for addition or removal of personnel.